District Directory

Last Updated: 10/20/2023 1:54 PM
The district's main administration offices & phone numbers are listed below.  Click on the building name for a complete staff directory listing. 
Location Address Phone Fax         Principal Email 
MATHIS HIGH SCHOOL 1615 East San Patricio Avenue 361-547-3322 361-678-3006 Cynthia Westbrook cwestbrook2@mathisisd.org
MATHIS MIDDLE SCHOOL 1627 East San Patricio Avenue 361-547-2381 361-547-4156 Randy Tiemann rtiemann@mathisisd.org 
MATHIS INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 410 East San Patricio Avenue 361-547-2472 361-547-4119 David Garcia dgarcia@mathisisd.org
MATHIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 315 South Duval Street 361-547-4106 361-547-4162
Lacy Brauchle lbrauchle@mathisisd.org
MATHIS LEARNING CENTER  516 Saint Mary's St.  361-547-4166 361-547-4122 Leo Cano  lcano@mathisisd.org